Please call us at the Bank if you are planning a move to Page or Fremont Counties or the surrounding area. We are anxious to help you settle in and will do anything we can to help make your move as pleasant as possible. Before you arrive we invite you to review the following information that we think may help in your decision making and planning.

First Heritage Bank would also like to help you with all your banking needs.

Please print out the "EZ Switch" form, complete and mail it to us, or fill it out and submit it to us. We will then contact you to assist you in your relocation.

EZ Switch Forms

Make Your Move Easier...In Three Easy Steps

STEP 1: Open a First Heritage Bank checking account.

Give us a call and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives or stop in at one of our convenient locations (Farragut-Shenandoah) or contact us here.

STEP 2: Let us help you through moving your direct deposits and automatic payments.

We will complete all of the necessary forms for you. All we will need from you is a list of names, addresses, telephone numbers, account numbers and amounts. When all of the forms are completed, we will just need your signature.

STEP 3: When to close your account.

We will monitor your new First Heritage Bank checking account to make sure all of your direct deposits and automatic payments made the switch. As soon as everything has been switched, you will be notified that your old account will be closed.